Friday, December 01, 2006


Truckin' Through Jordan

Camels in the
Red Sands in the
Wadi Rum Desert

Just to let you all know that we are STILL
in friendly Jordan! We traveled back to
civilization yesterday, via camel, after spending
the night in a Bedouin goat hide tent in the
middle of the Wadi Rum desert, beneath a billion
stars. Red sand! White sand! Green sand! While

we were truly on the edges of the civilized world,
I did note that our Bedouin hosts would slip away
and gather in one corner of the tent, away from the
guests. What were they doing? Hash? Nope! A sweet
spot were their cell phones could still get reception.

The Bedouins, already very impressed with the
WMDB's golden tresses and powerful demeaner,
were stunned, flat out, jaw-dropping, stunned, when
she began to pet the head of the "crazy" camel she
had just ridden back to civilization. The camel slowly,
slowly, slowly, lowered it's long neck and head down
to the ground. Not unlike a crane slowly loosing its
hydraulics. It seemed to have a smile on its face.

AMARC Radio Update: I was elected to the Int'l
Board! Remarkably, my work at the Houston Astrodome,
post-Katrina, continues to pay off! Wish I could get that
sort of credit for koop radio!!

AMARC10 almost certainly be held in South America.

We head to "Disneyland" and the
Pal Territories
tomorrow. Border crossing is expected to be long
and, uh, "interesting." Surf the Dead Sea!

Worry not! More great travelblogs and photos to follow!

jim & the WMDB
Amman Airwaves
just past the big rock that looks like a chicken
from one direction and an elephant from another...

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