Friday, December 01, 2006


Beirut Quiet but Tense

Bon Jour from Beirut!

The city is undergoing an extraordinary building

boom, with skyscrapers going up all along the beach

front. There are still many destroyed buildings

from "the crisis years" from 1975-1990, during

which time much of the central city was completely

destroyed by warring, heavily armed, factions.

Following the assassination of the Industry

Minister a couple of months ago, the city has

been expecting trouble.
[See his image and bullet-riddle car in photo above]
There have been a couple of enormous demonstrations, hundreds
of thousands of peole, but virtually no violence. This is a city that

has seen 15 years of civil war, massive car bombs

to assassinate gov't officials, while taking out

many innocent civilians, interferemce/domination

by Syria, not to mention, being the target of

many thousands of IDF airforce soirtees in the

south. Thousands of landmines remain.
Attached image: Victims of cluster bomb explosions in Lebanon.

The streets, at least the parts we have seen so far,

are crawling with soliders, armored personnel carriers,

sand-bagged gun positions, road barriers, and, Jeez!,

real live tanks with the those super-duper machine

guns that can cut down an entire building in a coupla'

minutes. Extra barbed wired is piled alongside bldgs.

Yet, the soldiers are fairly friendly, "Bon Jour!"
They are impressed with the WMDB's blonde tresses, and
as usual, are bored silly. The soldiers around the campus

of the American Univerisity must feel lucky guarding

the lovely co-eds in the their skintight apparel.

We plan on going clubbing tonight with our

man in Beirut, "Solid" Jackson, but he has not

answered his mobile in several hours...following

his interview with a Hezbollah rep for a radio


We assume he is just running late, but we shall see...

Bye from Beirut,

jim & the WMDB

Thanks for the update. Didn't even know you were blogging! Cool!

Howdy, Karen (and Jim)!

Hell of a way to celebrate my birthday! in a part of the world where WMD blonde takes on a whole 'nother meaning.

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