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Amman Airwaves: The Hotel Bombings

November, 2005 Amman Hotel Bombings
Source: Wikipedia (reprinted without permission)

Targets: Three hotels
Date: 9 November 2005 began 20:50 (UTC+2)
Attack Type: Suicide bombings
Fatalities: 60, plus 3 suicide bombers
Injuries: 115
Perpetrators: Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; Abu Khabib,
Abu Muaz, Abu Omaira and Om Omaira

The 2005 Amman bombings were a series of coordinated bomb attacks on three hotels in Amman, Jordan on November 9, 2005. Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attacks which killed 60 people and injured 115 others. The explosions, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Radisson SAS Hotel, and the Days Inn, started at around 20:50 local time (18:50 UTC) at the Grand Hyatt.

The three hotels are often frequented by Western military contractors and diplomats. The bomb at the Radisson SAS exploded in the Philadelphia Ballroom, where a wedding hosting almost 300 guests was taking place. In addition to killing a total of 38 people, the explosion destroyed the ballroom, blew out the large windows bordering the street, and knocked down ceiling panels. The hotel lobby was also affected: ceiling panels and light fixtures collapsed, furniture was destroyed, and the hotel's glass doors were shattered. Cleanup and rebuilding commenced shortly afterwards.

The bomb that exploded in the lobby or lobby bar of the Grand Hyatt Amman was equally devastating. It destroyed the hotel's entrance and brought down pillars and ceiling tiles, along with badly damaging the reception and bar areas. Hyatt began cleanup shortly after the attacks and reopened their hotel on November 19.

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