Monday, October 30, 2006


Amman Airwaves #1...

Hello Again Friends!
Welcome to Jim Ellinger and the
"World's Most Dangerous Blonde"
2006 TravelBlog!

Amman Airwaves and
The Middle East!

راديوي لأجل شعوب, لأج
(Radio for People, Not for Profit)

Most of you fall into the general categories of:
Family and friends from Austin, Houston, the Bay area
and California, Columbia and St Louis, Missouri,
Radio folks and community/indy media practitioners,
PCVs, NGO workers, ex-pats and internationalistas...
with a few good Campers, co-opers and bamboo nuts
thrown in for good measure!

About 2/3rds of you all have been on our previous travelblog
lists, including most recently PanaRadio; my radio adventures
with Betina from Argentina in the wilds of Panama, and,
"What It Feels Like to be Run Over by the FEMA PR
Machine," the battle to provide radio services to thousands
of Katrina evacuees in the Houston Astrodome, and,
"Escape from America," our annual Run for the Border
on 9/11.

This travelblog looks to be just as, oooh, interesting...

Our friend Artie will be passing along our blogs, photos and
reports, posting them here, and sending you the link.
If we have the wrong Eddress, or are sending you more than one
copy, or you want to receive emails at a different Eddress, or you
simply do not wish to receive our postings, kindly let Artie know
and he will take care of you. Thanks Artie!

Caution! Pottymouth Ahead!
If you don't want to read the F Word, or the MF word, or hear
the current administration described in graphically unflattering
terms, or if you are a bit squeamish about detailed descriptions
of the real world outside North America...then this might not
be the blog for you!

Some past travelblogs have included:
the fine art of la mordida/baksheesh, 79 kilos of coke, lonely
phonecalls from the jungle, being bitten, elephant dung, scary
toxic stuff, 17 below zero weather reports, street hustlers/cons,
unfriendly cops, friendly cops, overly-friendly cops, stuff
blowing up, roads that just suddenly end, putting up radio
stations, MF FEMA officials...and of course, border crossings...

There will be some serious border crossing and traveling going
on this trip, possibly including any of the following:

Crossing the Green Line seperating Greek from Turkish Cyprus,
Israeli/Palestinian checkpoints crossing the infamous Wall,
Getting into "still hip after all those bombs," Beirut and
Lebanon, via Scary Syria,
Traveling up through Asian Turkey to EU wannabe Turkey,
ending up in no-Instanbul-shit.
Maybe a daytrip to Iraq?
Plus Petra and all the historic sites in Amman and Jordan!

Stay tuned!
jim ellinger and the WMDB

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