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9/11+5 "What Do You Know That The Rest of Us Don't?"

9/11/05 heading south very fast...
Escape From America...
Run for the Border

It's partly a joke, partly a political statement, partly our ongoing desire to be outta' here...

One right-winger blogger flamed on me..."You fuckin' lloyd doggett lovin' austin liberal! You would turn your back on your own country, which has given you all these freedoms, at the time it needs you most?! You would turn tail and run away?!"

That almost was worth the effort right there! "Doing my part to piss off the Religious Right," as the bumper sticker sez. I DO think there is a chance that "sumptin's gonna' happen" on 9/11...just probably not IN America.

Press Release:

8 Hours to Escape America!

Join Jim Ellinger and “The World’s Most Dangerous Blonde” for their annual “Run For The Border” on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Ellinger and crew will leave Austin, Texas on Sunday, September 10th and travel to an undesignated country south of the continental US in a rehearsal of a prepared evacuation of the country following another terrorist attack and/or natural disaster in the States. Their goal is to be prepared to leave the US on eight hours notice. They will have prepared maps, rendezvous points, vehicles, border crossings, etc. They will take with them equipment and provisions including medical supplies and gear, radio/ communications and surveillance gear, maps and listings of local services and resources, food/water/chocolate, alternative/supplemental power sources, tools, etc.

According to the Washington Post, 30% of Americans do not know what year the 9/11 attacks occurred. The November, 2004 edition of Texas Monthly featured a report, “Attack Here,” that stated “most security experts agree the Houston Ship Channel is one of America’s top targets.” The August, 2006 issue of Harper’sImagine There's No Oil, Scenes from a Liberal Apocalypse” reports on the growth of the so-called Peak Oil Movement.

In Richard A. Clarke’sTen Years Later,” cover story in the January/ February, 2005 The Atlantic Monthly, he theorizes on al-Qaeda’s possible future terrorist attacks on the US infrastructure. These include attacks against the internet, subways, chemical plants, shipping containers, civilian aircraft, etc. In his description of “attacks on shopping centers and malls,” Clarke makes mention of a conceivable scenario that would include “attacks aimed at New Year’s Eve festivities on Sixth Street in Austin…”

Ellinger is widely known for his community media work, including most recently “What It Feels Like to Be Run Over By the FEMA PR Machine;” the battle to provide radio services to the thousands of Katrina evacuees in the Houston Astrodome. He has previously served as Reporter/News Anchor for KOPN's "NewsWave," PR Director of Austin Community Television, Communications Director of the Austin Music Network, Membership/PR Director of Wheatsville Food Co-op, Founder of KOOP Radio, Producer/Host of “Austin Airwaves” and radio columnist for the Austin Chronicle.

Since 9/11, Ellinger has focused most of his radio activity on third world and developing nations including Mozambique, the former Soviet Union, Nepal, New Orleans’ 9th Ward, and most recently the Darien Gap of Panama. He will serve as a North American Delegate to the AMARC9 international radio conference in Amman, Jordan this November.

The World’s Most Dangerous Blonde is widely considered the top EMT/Paramedic in Texas. This year they will be joined by The Blade.

September is both National Passport Month and National Preparedness Month.

Follow Ellinger’s escapades at and, and blogs at
Ellinger’s website lists many of his past travel adventures.


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Planeta Borderlands

Escape From America Magazine real estate/travel magazine (no connection)

September is National Passport Month

September is National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month 2006 Coalition Member Tool Kit:

I'm prepared if shit hits the fan here in Canada, No where to run to it seems. I'm honed at living in the woods as a avid outdoors man without a gun, attended many wilderness survival schools... but would I run, Guess I'll have to wait and see if we are attacked . I'm in Edmonton 3.5 hours to the Rockies. I think if I could I'd head there...I run several blogs dealing with the 9/11 question. Are you interested in this? I think it was an inside job, Can't see how it could not be. Anyways my Scrubs and Shines blog began publishing September 2006 from Canada, asking questions that are still pending answers about the 9/11 attack on the United States. It is the focus of my mission to encourage readers to question the ever-increasing possibility that the Bush Administration and others besides Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda may have been involved with the attack of 9/11. The second focus of Scrubs and Shines is to call upon our MPs in the Canadian government to lead the United Nations into creating a new independent investigation into 9/11. please feel free to drop by, maybe leave a comment
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